Well, that’s it now, its 2013 and I promised myself I would be physically capable of cycling 70 miles two days a week by the middle of Feb before really KICKING it up for the last month of training.

We are committed to dates now.  I am cycling in April.  Officially I will start at Knockhill on the 14th of April 2013 and will end at Goodwood on the 28th of April.

We are looking to do events at Croft – Oulten Park – Silverstone and Thruxton.

Mission Motorsport events hopefully at Croft TBC and a special day at Thruxton on the 27th of April where we would ask ALL of you to come and support us and see what we do.  Maybe MAYBE come out with some of our lads and if you are feeling really fit – do a victory lap of the circuit on ANYTHING with wheels powered purely by man – or woman.  These dates are still TBC but I will let you know as soon as we confirm.

Oulten Park and Silverstone will be about track days.  Just any of you that want to come down and do skids on the circuit.

Once I have sorted all these dates I will formally announce.  I will be at all of the circuits but up to Thruxton I am on an extremely tight schedule so may only be popping in for a bit OR may not arrive until later in the day.  But at each circuit we will have Mission Motorsport representatives and – of course – lots of shaky buckets in which you will be entirely encourage to make donations.  Ones of money – not, you know, the ‘other’ kind.

My first video diary goes up on Monday.  I know its been a long time coming but it was a pretty disastrous year for me in 2012 – as most of you know.  SO we are going to smash the crap out of it this year.  I am excited.  Not about you seeing me on the bike.  I am not excited about that.

Please get in touch if you think you can help out in anyway.  I need places to stay and also kit shifters.  I need people to talk to and I WOULD LOVE anyone who feels like they could do a leg with me on the routes.

Some local knowledge would be great when I put the stopping points up.

Right.  I am off to polish my helmet.



Starting Again

Any of you that follow me on twitter will know that I had a crash in the Gumpert Apollo at Goodwood which has left me unable to train in any real capacity.  If you haven’t seen the crash it is here….Gumpert Goodwood

As you can see I sustained some pretty severe whiplash and over the last few weeks this has caused me a lot of pain on turning.  Checking my blind spot became impossible and after two weeks I was informed by my doctor this was not going to be a quick recovery.

I have been quite depressed about it all really.  The hard work I had put in to the training seemed to be for nothing.  There was a couple of weeks where I thought I was going to have to cancel the cycle and return everyones kind donations and be very apologetic and humble.

However, I realised three weeks ago why I decided to do cycling in the first place and who the guys are that I am cycling for.  Sometimes through the charity you meet guys who seem to have given up. Those are the ones you have to reach out further for.  None of this was ever supposed to be easy and the crash may have made the cycle harder BUT I refuse to let it stop me.  So I have completely changed my cycling routine and I am now starting my training again.  Obviously I have the advantage of already being fitter than I was back in April but I have had to adapt to the issues my neck has thrown in to the mix.

Because I cannot check blind spots I am now doing a lot of cycle sessions on the turbo trainer.  Most of my daily training is now going to revolve around this static piece of equipment.  Its harder, its tougher but its serving its purpose.  Sufferfest is something I am looking into at the moment to make my training sessions more bearable.  I was contemplating shoving a treadmill by the bike so I could put the dog through his paces too but Mr T won’t allow it.  I am now doing a lot more prep in the gym.  Swimming really eases my neck and so I am getting 4 hour long sessions in a week and I am also starting weights and yoga again this week.  The yoga is vital for my core stability and also it helps to clear my mind.  What I love about Yoga is that at the time it doesn’t feel like too much of a work out but when its over my body still gets that lovely beaten up feeling.  In two weeks I am going to swap 2 hours of swimming for 2 hours on the rowing machine.  One thing I don’t want is to ruin my figure and I am concerned my arms are going to look tiny compared to my bum and thighs.

One thing I also struggled with when I first started the challenge was time.  Running Macchina has been very draining on my time along with the writing and trying to sort my TV career.  The transition to Miles running Macchina has been really good and he is now taking on all my commitments which means I only need to focus on this and my writing.  I also have a friend helping me out with the media now.  Which means all I have to do is write the pieces and focus on that instead of trying to arrange an outlet for them too.

I have made video diaries of the journey so far and want to start including these.  In many ways I feel like I am starting this journey again now.  It has got tougher because of the neck BUT it is not going to stop me.

I will decide in three weeks how I feel about taking on the challenge the first week of October but currently I am aiming to be doing this in November.

And I promise to give you frequent blogs now. Interesting ones.  I also promise not to go playing in any cars at Goodwood for at least the next few weeks.

Wish me luck xx


A Hard Week. I’ve Been Touched.


Just a very very brief one to say HI!! I am in training.  All going good.

I have my last official HARD day at work today and then I am putting the cycle ahead of everything else for the next 16 ish weeks SO a big thank you to all my clients and club members for understanding the importance of this trip and what it means to me and the charity.  You are all wonderful…..mind you I work bloody hard and redic hours for you all and didn’t have a holiday last year because of one of you (yes…..you know who you are) SO I am sure you really all owe me a break any way.

I have had lots of advice from some amazing people including Sam Bourne and her husband Tim who is a fantastic cyclist and has been giving me advice on cycle shorts and pads and all things lycra.  He is also suggesting Spin classes. I saw a spin class once.  I vowed I would NEVER put myself through that kind of torture.  So I am going to take one for the charity and join a class next week.

There have been some very funny moments so far.  Including trying to convince a sponsor to part with their money by suggesting they pop up to Tedworth House to see the guys.  I was describing what an inspiring place it is and then used the line “I have been touched by all these guys” – I really think its important to point out that it is their stories and their strength and their courage that have touched me.  Not the actual guys themselves.  They are all complete gentlemen!!

This week I have been getting to grips with PTSD and trying to learn as much as I can about it.  I have had my world ROCKED by an amazing Veteran who is 27 and so incredibly inspiring.  He has opened my eyes to something I hadn’t really thought about.  What happens if you end your army career and can’t continue down the path you thought you would take and then decide you want to start a career in something like Business or Design.  Something that potentially has no connection to your career in the army? How hard must it be at that stage of your life to reeducate yourself and learn a new trade AND THEN how hard is it to convince companies to take you on over someone that has studied all throughout their twenties to do the same career?

One of my aims of this cycle is to raise awareness of the charity but now I have also been inspired to use my other contacts to help these guys restart their working lives in other ways. The chap I mentioned above is super smart.  Probably one of the smartest thinking men I have spoken to in a long time.  He would be an asset to any company and I whole heartedly believe he will make it.  But what he needs is a placement.  A company willing to give him a chance to shine and to sharpen his skills.  There are lots of guys like this coming out of the services and they really need us to get behind them.  If you have a company then I ask you to consider if you can help any of these guys? If you can assist in them rebuilding a career? If you want to do something but don’t know what or how you can help then please get in touch with myself or Mission Motorsport.  Even if it isn’t directly related to motorsport we can point you in the right direction.  We need you.  The guys need you.

One of my favourite moments of last week was seeing the videos of Gav and Alex training with Jon.  This is it boys!! the last few days before our first race of the season in Plymouth.  How exciting.

I will come back later today and put links to the Youtube videos of the boys in the powerboat and also give you some more details about the season ahead.

STILL LOOKING FOR SPONSORS GUYS!!! STILL NEED YOU TO GET INVOLVED. Have a look at THE LIST and see if you can help with anything


Nancy xxx

My Team Mate

Last night I met and bought home my new team mate.  The Kovert FX2 which you can see here  I haven’t named him yet, actually thats not true.  I have named him BUT his name is personal to me and so therefore we are deciding on his stage name.  I shall let you know as soon as we have a suitable one.

Rod at Cycle Premier is a legend.  He helped secure the bike from Kovert and has set it up for me to start.  He also bought down some Exustar shoes in a fantastic design so that the fashionista in me is kept happy.

There is a small chance I scared the living hell out of Rod.  I told him about Norman.  For those of you that don’t know Norman then you should perhaps read this Your Inner Beast But after trying on shoes and adjusting saddles we decided to go and sit down for some dinner.

I knew when I first spoke to Rod that I wanted to work with him in any capacity and after chatting to him last night and discovering his story, where he came from and how he got to where he is now, I see that I have made the right decision.  I will be putting up lots of information about Rod, Cycle Premier and Kovert Racing on The Sponsors page which will be added later this week.

And so to lunch.  I made something so completely delicious today.  Wild Rice with mushrooms, kale, ginger, garlic and a splash of Lime juice and Tamari.  Tamari is great because I don’t like to use salt, although Sam at FoodSpa does occasionally use pink himalayan salt, Tamari helps bring out the flavor of food like soya sauce but it is wheat free.  Again it was Sam that introduced me to Wild (or Black) rice and I haven’t looked back since.  There is something satisfying about it because you actually have to work to chew it and it really does give you a completely clean feeling in your mouth.  Sam does and incredible recipe with wild salmon which you can find here and I really recommend

I am arranging to go and see FoodSpa hopefully next week to have my nutrition completely organised for the trip and will do a really interesting post on this.  I am really looking forward to it.  Sam Bourne is like a Guru of Goodness to me and along with Graeme Hardie will be essential in me completing this challenge and turning me into a bonafida athlete.

Rod gave me a sample pack of Beet It Stamina Shots.  Basically they are just concentrated Beetroot and Lemon Juice.  They are supposed to increase exercise efficiency and reduce O2 cost of exercise.  They taste amazing but Sam says she has a recipe which involves Beetroot and Ginger so I am going to give this ago.  I may need to buy a juicer.

I am off…….about to do my first session with my team mate.  OH GAWD.  Scared.  Excited.  Scexcited.

Nancy xx

Training Day One: Its ok. No really……its really OK.


This is an hour that one only normally sees for a few reasons. 1: Because I have been out.  On a proper night out and I am JUST going to bed. 2: Because I am going on Holiday 3: There has been a terrible mistake with my alarm clock.

But today was the first of my 5am starts and I shall be doing these 5am starts EVERYDAY except Fridays, where I will have a well earned lie in until at least 7am.

I had a proper meal last night because I knew I was exercising early this morning.  Graeme says that I will need to get used to increasing my carbs in the evening if I want to exercise early.  This is the total opposite of what my body is used to and in fact quite often I don’t even have any dinner so I have to say it was quite a shock to the system to wake up feeling bloated and full up. In fact I really felt like I didn’t want to exercise at all.  SO after G and I chatted I realised that I don’t need to adjust my eating habits just yet.  Also I will move my dinner time to maybe 5 or 6.  I am going to bed much earlier so this may seem sensible to try tonight.

To be honest the actual cycle its self was pretty unimpressive but again, its not about cycling 20k yet.  Its about easing myself into the routine of cycling everyday.  Getting my muscles used to it.  Hardening up my backside.  I enjoyed it.  I borrowed someone else’s bike.  Mine was outside this weekend and there was NO WAY I could ride it today.  I think the chain has completely rusted.

By 10am this morning I was ready for a nap.  I didn’t have one I decided to opt for a banana instead.  This took the edge off my tiredness.  I have been trying to organise the media part of this event. Who can offer coverage, who may be potential and I have found that there is ALOT of work involved in this thing BUT getting up so early means that I am focussed earlier and so I think I ran rather efficiently today!

Lunch was cool. I have decided to take a small amount of spelt wheat in my diet again.  I have been wheat free since January and I want to see how my body deals with Spelt.  So I had a Spelt Pitta and I filled it with tomato, kale, spring onion, garlic, ginger, lime, sesame oil and a bit of Tamari Soya Sauce (wheat free soya sauce) They were absolutely delicious AND accompanied by Earl Grey and Oat milk made for a really filling lunch that seems to have given me enough energy to get me to now, its 16:45pm, without needing any snacks.  The photo doesn’t look like much but honestly Kale is one of the best greens to eat with salad.  Delicious and really good for you it has many health benefits including help with detoxification, lowering cholesterol and anti-inflammity properties.

I am off to do my first Yoga session tonight to help with my core stability which will be key for my endurance ride.  I have only EVER done yoga on the Wii so GOD knows what to expect this evening.  I am hoping that it will make me relax so much that I can slip into a coma after I have had my bath and a nice bowl of wild rice with chicken ginger and spinach.

One last thought……Sheeps yoghurt.  I bought it because I don’t do cows where possible and thought I would give it a go.  Save yourself the bother.  Don’t do it.  It tastes like you are eating dirty sheeps wool.


There might be some exciting bike news tomorrow.  VERY EXCITING bike news.

Oh GAWD, I forgot I had a dog.  Now walking for an hour before yoga.


The List Is Live!!

Hi.  Hey There.

I have added the list to the menu bar so please have a peek and if you or anyone you know can get involved and help then please contact me.  I NEED YOU.

Yesterday was amazing.  I was running late to a meeting at Rolls Royce BUT the reason for my lateness was because I was chatting to Rod at Cycle Premier about bikes.  Kovert bikes to be exact.  After a really great conversation I have decided that these are the bikes I want to use and I want to get involved with Cycle Premier as much as I can.  Why? Because the bikes look wicked and also because Rod really took the time to chat to me and was instantly a person I liked.  I dread to think what he thought of me.  After taking my inside leg measurement he asked for my upper body measurement…….34 DD I said.  There was an awkward moment.  Apparently that wasn’t what he meant.  But I guess it says something about me!!

So…as soon as I know whats what with the bike I will let you know but I can tell you this….I AM VERY EXCITED!!! This bike – already decided it is a HIM – is going to be like my husband for the next 4 months.  We are going to get very intimate and I cannot tell you how excited I am to know now which bike it is that I want. PLUS when I stick the Mission Motorsport Logo on the bike its going to look AWESOME because the one I am looking at is white, gold and black.

The camera arrives today.  So I shall be hopefully launching the YouTube channel this weekend.

Thanks to everyone so far. You are all amazing



The Eye of the Tiger

Its funny.  I know I am going to look back on this post in a few weeks and think ‘what an unprepared fool’ but right at this moment I am feeling so mentally prepared for this challenge.  Mentally I could jump on my kids bike and cycle this route tomorrow.  Physically I couldn’t but I am sure I have half the battle won right?

Anyway. Some cool things have happened.  I have one GoPro HDHero2 and I have now been given some Ion Air Pro cameras.  These little puppies are new.  They are tiny.  They are light and they have had some great reviews from the global press so I am really looking forward to testing the tech and seeing how they compare to the GoPro.  Word has it they are better all round than the GoPro especially for water sports because they are already waterproof so no silly casing needed.  They are sending me some mounts for the car too so I will test them in the Porsche next time we test and let you know how we get on.

They are flying over from Hong Kong so I am hoping they will be here in time for filming next week but I will let you know on You Tube as soon as they do arrive.  Check out the Ion Air Pro site and let me know if you have any questions about them.

I want to let you know about what I will be filming.  I am going to create an online documentary from my blogs.  Each of my video blogs will cover EVERYTHING that is making this trip possible and also WHY I am doing it.  I will travel to Tedworth House, head off to see the Powerboat guys as well as Mission Motorsports car stuff.  I will also be filming my nutrition – so me cooking all the stuff that is going to turn me into a lean mean cycling machine.

I will try to film me falling off the bike and if I don’t seem to be having too many disastrous accidents then I will create some.  I will film my tantrums, there will be loads.  Basically I want you guys to understand everything thats gone into this challenge and the reasons why I am doing it.

Mainly so you can see that I am not pretending.  I really am like Frank Spencer on a bicycle so if I can do this, if I can reach the finish line, then we all can.  Betty et al.

Right. Thats it then.

Eye of the Tiger music starts on Monday morning OOOOHH and any suggestions I can send to Twiggy Garcia who is creating me a mix of music to keep me pumping.

Nancy xx



Last night Graeme Hardie ( you can find him on twitter @graeme4130 ) gave me my first pep talk on training, equipment and nutrition.  I am now beginning to understand the size of this thing.

I keep calling it a bike ride because in my head that makes me feel like its a quick spin around the park, but then I look out of my window, like today, and realise that the Great British weather could make the next three months a really miserable time.

Getting out of bed at 5am is going to be my biggest struggle.  Probably not for the first few days but I imagine that when my body feels like its been run over by a steam truck I thinks its going to take every bit of support you guys are giving me to drag my sorry arse out of bed.

Talking to Graeme also made me understand that there is a whole other level to this training than just getting out on the bike.  He wants me to do three hours of gym to work on my thigh strength – my gluteus – and also he says that core stability is the key to making my body work more efficiently SO I have to work on that.

I think I have a pretty good core stability.  I am a horse rider and have always had a very good seat.  My family always laugh when I tell them I am incredible at balancing on my bum BUT it is true! I am a legend on those bucking bronco things.  I also have incredibly strong thighs BUT I have pretty weak knees.  I am nervous about my knees but I will have support from an osteopath and also Graeme has told me that if I am fitted properly for a bike then it should put no real strain on my knees.  Fingers crossed.

So for core stability I am going to set up a structure and work on this everyday.  I have a big round ball that has been in my house unused for 4 years.  FINALLY I have a use for it.  So 30 mins on that whilst I watch Corrie will be happening.  But also I plan to do 3 yoga sessions a week on my non cycling days.

The whole point is to be up at 5am everyday and to get all my training done early.  This is so when I do the cycle I can get up and start early.  It then gives me the option of going for gold and doing all 6 hours in one OR splitting and spreading into groups of 2 hours throughout the day.

As soon as Graeme has sent me my training plan – god I love him – I will let you know in detail what I am doing each week.  Really it should be ok.  If you are all there offering supportive tweets and emails. PLEASE do that.  Get in touch. Stay in touch.  I need it!!

Finally Graeme has told me about these guys Team True Spirit A team of athletes comprising of injured servicemen.  These guys are amazing and competed in Iron Man 2011. Wow. Inspiring.  Maybe we can get some of the guys to join us on the cycle!

We are still looking for a bike.  I REALLY don’t want to do this thing on my old raleigh that Dad bought me when I was 12.  For one, its purple and I don’t really dig purple and secondly, it has a rusty chain and about three gears.  Help!!

My Last Bike Ride

Thought I would share this with you so you understand my history with bicycles.

The last time I was on a bicycle I took a pretty big fall.

I was cycling up the Billy Track, an old railway line on Hayling Island, with my dog Archie.  Archie is a lovely dog but he is also an idiot.

All was going well.  I had proper clothes on for cycling.  I looked like I knew what I was doing. I didn’t.

Pushing on at around 8 mph (I realise this is nothing to be proud of) I noticed a few nicely shaped men coming towards me.  One was running and one was with his son on a bicycle. I pushed on happily, no helmet because in the country we don’t do things like that, and suddenly Archie decided to cross my path, but instead of going round me he ran straight into my front wheel smashing the handlebars out of my hands and sending me flying head first through the air.  I landed straight on my boobs, thankfully they are big enough to act like airbags and I am certain I owe my life to them now.I hit my head in the fall, only a little but I also knew I had damaged my leg and arm.  Nothing broken but my god they hurt.

The runner helped me up and I looked at the cyclist.  He and his son had to turn the other way because they were laughing so much.  Bastards.

The handsome runner asked me if anything was hurt.  “Just my pride” I said.  He pointed to my face saying “and your head”

Archie managed to escape unharmed and untroubled by the whole thing.  He was happily rolling in a dead seagull.

So, that was it.  My last actual outing on a bike.

So you can imagine I am really REALLY looking forward to my training, which starts at 5am on Monday.

In other news.  I have had a GoPro HDHero2 donated by my Dad.  He is a legend and has now given us half of the tech we need to get this thing on You Tube


Crash Course

You know how it goes, you hit 30 and you realise that there isn’t a lot you’ve done in the first few years of your life.  So now’s the time.  This is it.  I’m 30 and I am going to do something epic.

So here it is.

I have decided to do something that I am pretty shit at and turn it into something I am pretty awesome at.  Or at least that is the plan.

I plan to cycle from Knockhill in Scotland to Goodwood in West Sussex via Croft, Oulton Park, Silverstone, Castle Combe and Thruxton.  All in all its around 820 miles.  Today I discovered it involves crossing the Pennines.  I hadn’t even heard of the Pennines until today.

At each circuit I plan to do something on wheels.  A track day will be organized at Knockhill, Goodwood and Thruxton and at the others I plan to do a lap of the circuit on something with wheels and no motor.  Suggestions are welcome.  So far I am thinking Rollerskates, Unicycle and Handbike.

Why am I doing this?

I am doing it to raise money for Mission Motorsport Having met the guys at Tedworth House and spent time with injured troops at the recent Mission Motorsport Powerboat training, it became apparent that simply championing the charity wasn’t enough.  I wanted to raise some funds and raise the profile of the charity too.  To reach out to injured veterans that haven’t yet heard of Mission Motorsport.

But fundraising for guys as awesome as these meant I had to do something that actually took some really effort.  Taking my clothes off for charity seemed a pretty good idea but there was no real challenge to it.  These guys face challenges every single day so I wanted to chose something that seemed to ME to be impossible.

Thats when I got the idea of cycling.  I am not fit.  I have a very untoned body.  I do not like getting up in the morning.  I hate discipline and the idea of wearing no make up and a stupid shaped hat is so upsetting to me I am wincing as I write.

Perfect! I really cannot think of anything worse than spending 14 days on a saddle that looks like it was made for torture purposes whilst wearing the most unflattering outfit of all time and this will be the easy part, the three months of grueling training to take this champagne drinking, sofa dwelling, car driving slob to a toned, energised, focused athlete is going to be the most testing.

The last paragraph is the exact reason I decided to film it all.  To prove how disgustingly awful this whole thing is going to be for me.  So you can see my pain and watch my struggle.  So you realise HOW important this charity is to me and hopefully so you all get inspired to dig deep and donate.

I am going to be blogging quite a bit over the next few days.  I need you to all use your thinking caps and help me work out how I can obtain the things from my list.  I will post the list on Friday.  Unless I finish it before then.  If any of you can offer contacts or names of people that could help with things on the list then let me know.  Or if any of you want to donate things on the list WICKED.

I am also going to post up my map and would actively encourage any of you that want to get involved and maybe cycle a few miles with me to get in touch and let me know where and when you want to join me.  I would love the company and also I may attach string to your bike so you can tow me.

So, welcome to the beginning of my journey.

Lets hope I make it to the end xx