Crash Course

You know how it goes, you hit 30 and you realise that there isn’t a lot you’ve done in the first few years of your life.  So now’s the time.  This is it.  I’m 30 and I am going to do something epic.

So here it is.

I have decided to do something that I am pretty shit at and turn it into something I am pretty awesome at.  Or at least that is the plan.

I plan to cycle from Knockhill in Scotland to Goodwood in West Sussex via Croft, Oulton Park, Silverstone, Castle Combe and Thruxton.  All in all its around 820 miles.  Today I discovered it involves crossing the Pennines.  I hadn’t even heard of the Pennines until today.

At each circuit I plan to do something on wheels.  A track day will be organized at Knockhill, Goodwood and Thruxton and at the others I plan to do a lap of the circuit on something with wheels and no motor.  Suggestions are welcome.  So far I am thinking Rollerskates, Unicycle and Handbike.

Why am I doing this?

I am doing it to raise money for Mission Motorsport Having met the guys at Tedworth House and spent time with injured troops at the recent Mission Motorsport Powerboat training, it became apparent that simply championing the charity wasn’t enough.  I wanted to raise some funds and raise the profile of the charity too.  To reach out to injured veterans that haven’t yet heard of Mission Motorsport.

But fundraising for guys as awesome as these meant I had to do something that actually took some really effort.  Taking my clothes off for charity seemed a pretty good idea but there was no real challenge to it.  These guys face challenges every single day so I wanted to chose something that seemed to ME to be impossible.

Thats when I got the idea of cycling.  I am not fit.  I have a very untoned body.  I do not like getting up in the morning.  I hate discipline and the idea of wearing no make up and a stupid shaped hat is so upsetting to me I am wincing as I write.

Perfect! I really cannot think of anything worse than spending 14 days on a saddle that looks like it was made for torture purposes whilst wearing the most unflattering outfit of all time and this will be the easy part, the three months of grueling training to take this champagne drinking, sofa dwelling, car driving slob to a toned, energised, focused athlete is going to be the most testing.

The last paragraph is the exact reason I decided to film it all.  To prove how disgustingly awful this whole thing is going to be for me.  So you can see my pain and watch my struggle.  So you realise HOW important this charity is to me and hopefully so you all get inspired to dig deep and donate.

I am going to be blogging quite a bit over the next few days.  I need you to all use your thinking caps and help me work out how I can obtain the things from my list.  I will post the list on Friday.  Unless I finish it before then.  If any of you can offer contacts or names of people that could help with things on the list then let me know.  Or if any of you want to donate things on the list WICKED.

I am also going to post up my map and would actively encourage any of you that want to get involved and maybe cycle a few miles with me to get in touch and let me know where and when you want to join me.  I would love the company and also I may attach string to your bike so you can tow me.

So, welcome to the beginning of my journey.

Lets hope I make it to the end xx


2 thoughts on “Crash Course

  1. Can’t see a list, or a link to one? is it just me?

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