My Last Bike Ride

Thought I would share this with you so you understand my history with bicycles.

The last time I was on a bicycle I took a pretty big fall.

I was cycling up the Billy Track, an old railway line on Hayling Island, with my dog Archie.  Archie is a lovely dog but he is also an idiot.

All was going well.  I had proper clothes on for cycling.  I looked like I knew what I was doing. I didn’t.

Pushing on at around 8 mph (I realise this is nothing to be proud of) I noticed a few nicely shaped men coming towards me.  One was running and one was with his son on a bicycle. I pushed on happily, no helmet because in the country we don’t do things like that, and suddenly Archie decided to cross my path, but instead of going round me he ran straight into my front wheel smashing the handlebars out of my hands and sending me flying head first through the air.  I landed straight on my boobs, thankfully they are big enough to act like airbags and I am certain I owe my life to them now.I hit my head in the fall, only a little but I also knew I had damaged my leg and arm.  Nothing broken but my god they hurt.

The runner helped me up and I looked at the cyclist.  He and his son had to turn the other way because they were laughing so much.  Bastards.

The handsome runner asked me if anything was hurt.  “Just my pride” I said.  He pointed to my face saying “and your head”

Archie managed to escape unharmed and untroubled by the whole thing.  He was happily rolling in a dead seagull.

So, that was it.  My last actual outing on a bike.

So you can imagine I am really REALLY looking forward to my training, which starts at 5am on Monday.

In other news.  I have had a GoPro HDHero2 donated by my Dad.  He is a legend and has now given us half of the tech we need to get this thing on You Tube



One thought on “My Last Bike Ride

  1. Rachael says:

    oh dear but hey, you’re older and wiser now right? 😉
    You’re going to do wonderfully!!

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