Last night Graeme Hardie ( you can find him on twitter @graeme4130 ) gave me my first pep talk on training, equipment and nutrition.  I am now beginning to understand the size of this thing.

I keep calling it a bike ride because in my head that makes me feel like its a quick spin around the park, but then I look out of my window, like today, and realise that the Great British weather could make the next three months a really miserable time.

Getting out of bed at 5am is going to be my biggest struggle.  Probably not for the first few days but I imagine that when my body feels like its been run over by a steam truck I thinks its going to take every bit of support you guys are giving me to drag my sorry arse out of bed.

Talking to Graeme also made me understand that there is a whole other level to this training than just getting out on the bike.  He wants me to do three hours of gym to work on my thigh strength – my gluteus – and also he says that core stability is the key to making my body work more efficiently SO I have to work on that.

I think I have a pretty good core stability.  I am a horse rider and have always had a very good seat.  My family always laugh when I tell them I am incredible at balancing on my bum BUT it is true! I am a legend on those bucking bronco things.  I also have incredibly strong thighs BUT I have pretty weak knees.  I am nervous about my knees but I will have support from an osteopath and also Graeme has told me that if I am fitted properly for a bike then it should put no real strain on my knees.  Fingers crossed.

So for core stability I am going to set up a structure and work on this everyday.  I have a big round ball that has been in my house unused for 4 years.  FINALLY I have a use for it.  So 30 mins on that whilst I watch Corrie will be happening.  But also I plan to do 3 yoga sessions a week on my non cycling days.

The whole point is to be up at 5am everyday and to get all my training done early.  This is so when I do the cycle I can get up and start early.  It then gives me the option of going for gold and doing all 6 hours in one OR splitting and spreading into groups of 2 hours throughout the day.

As soon as Graeme has sent me my training plan – god I love him – I will let you know in detail what I am doing each week.  Really it should be ok.  If you are all there offering supportive tweets and emails. PLEASE do that.  Get in touch. Stay in touch.  I need it!!

Finally Graeme has told me about these guys Team True Spirit A team of athletes comprising of injured servicemen.  These guys are amazing and competed in Iron Man 2011. Wow. Inspiring.  Maybe we can get some of the guys to join us on the cycle!

We are still looking for a bike.  I REALLY don’t want to do this thing on my old raleigh that Dad bought me when I was 12.  For one, its purple and I don’t really dig purple and secondly, it has a rusty chain and about three gears.  Help!!


One thought on “Training!!

  1. Nancy's dad says:

    There is nothing wrong with the purple bike I bought you. From memory it matched one of your my little ponies.

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