The Eye of the Tiger

Its funny.  I know I am going to look back on this post in a few weeks and think ‘what an unprepared fool’ but right at this moment I am feeling so mentally prepared for this challenge.  Mentally I could jump on my kids bike and cycle this route tomorrow.  Physically I couldn’t but I am sure I have half the battle won right?

Anyway. Some cool things have happened.  I have one GoPro HDHero2 and I have now been given some Ion Air Pro cameras.  These little puppies are new.  They are tiny.  They are light and they have had some great reviews from the global press so I am really looking forward to testing the tech and seeing how they compare to the GoPro.  Word has it they are better all round than the GoPro especially for water sports because they are already waterproof so no silly casing needed.  They are sending me some mounts for the car too so I will test them in the Porsche next time we test and let you know how we get on.

They are flying over from Hong Kong so I am hoping they will be here in time for filming next week but I will let you know on You Tube as soon as they do arrive.  Check out the Ion Air Pro site and let me know if you have any questions about them.

I want to let you know about what I will be filming.  I am going to create an online documentary from my blogs.  Each of my video blogs will cover EVERYTHING that is making this trip possible and also WHY I am doing it.  I will travel to Tedworth House, head off to see the Powerboat guys as well as Mission Motorsports car stuff.  I will also be filming my nutrition – so me cooking all the stuff that is going to turn me into a lean mean cycling machine.

I will try to film me falling off the bike and if I don’t seem to be having too many disastrous accidents then I will create some.  I will film my tantrums, there will be loads.  Basically I want you guys to understand everything thats gone into this challenge and the reasons why I am doing it.

Mainly so you can see that I am not pretending.  I really am like Frank Spencer on a bicycle so if I can do this, if I can reach the finish line, then we all can.  Betty et al.

Right. Thats it then.

Eye of the Tiger music starts on Monday morning OOOOHH and any suggestions I can send to Twiggy Garcia who is creating me a mix of music to keep me pumping.

Nancy xx


2 thoughts on “The Eye of the Tiger

  1. Reblogged this on Not Now Nancy and commented:

    There will be a lot of Reblogging going on here so PLEASE get involved. I need everyone of you. Also…….still need bike sponsors – your business on my bike OR on my bum if you sponsor my bibs.

  2. MM_Powerboat says:

    Love the look of the Ion Air Pro – need to get one of those stuck on Gav’s helmet in the boat!! Can we test the waterproof properties for you? 😉

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