The List Is Live!!

Hi.  Hey There.

I have added the list to the menu bar so please have a peek and if you or anyone you know can get involved and help then please contact me.  I NEED YOU.

Yesterday was amazing.  I was running late to a meeting at Rolls Royce BUT the reason for my lateness was because I was chatting to Rod at Cycle Premier about bikes.  Kovert bikes to be exact.  After a really great conversation I have decided that these are the bikes I want to use and I want to get involved with Cycle Premier as much as I can.  Why? Because the bikes look wicked and also because Rod really took the time to chat to me and was instantly a person I liked.  I dread to think what he thought of me.  After taking my inside leg measurement he asked for my upper body measurement…….34 DD I said.  There was an awkward moment.  Apparently that wasn’t what he meant.  But I guess it says something about me!!

So…as soon as I know whats what with the bike I will let you know but I can tell you this….I AM VERY EXCITED!!! This bike – already decided it is a HIM – is going to be like my husband for the next 4 months.  We are going to get very intimate and I cannot tell you how excited I am to know now which bike it is that I want. PLUS when I stick the Mission Motorsport Logo on the bike its going to look AWESOME because the one I am looking at is white, gold and black.

The camera arrives today.  So I shall be hopefully launching the YouTube channel this weekend.

Thanks to everyone so far. You are all amazing




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