Training Day One: Its ok. No really……its really OK.


This is an hour that one only normally sees for a few reasons. 1: Because I have been out.  On a proper night out and I am JUST going to bed. 2: Because I am going on Holiday 3: There has been a terrible mistake with my alarm clock.

But today was the first of my 5am starts and I shall be doing these 5am starts EVERYDAY except Fridays, where I will have a well earned lie in until at least 7am.

I had a proper meal last night because I knew I was exercising early this morning.  Graeme says that I will need to get used to increasing my carbs in the evening if I want to exercise early.  This is the total opposite of what my body is used to and in fact quite often I don’t even have any dinner so I have to say it was quite a shock to the system to wake up feeling bloated and full up. In fact I really felt like I didn’t want to exercise at all.  SO after G and I chatted I realised that I don’t need to adjust my eating habits just yet.  Also I will move my dinner time to maybe 5 or 6.  I am going to bed much earlier so this may seem sensible to try tonight.

To be honest the actual cycle its self was pretty unimpressive but again, its not about cycling 20k yet.  Its about easing myself into the routine of cycling everyday.  Getting my muscles used to it.  Hardening up my backside.  I enjoyed it.  I borrowed someone else’s bike.  Mine was outside this weekend and there was NO WAY I could ride it today.  I think the chain has completely rusted.

By 10am this morning I was ready for a nap.  I didn’t have one I decided to opt for a banana instead.  This took the edge off my tiredness.  I have been trying to organise the media part of this event. Who can offer coverage, who may be potential and I have found that there is ALOT of work involved in this thing BUT getting up so early means that I am focussed earlier and so I think I ran rather efficiently today!

Lunch was cool. I have decided to take a small amount of spelt wheat in my diet again.  I have been wheat free since January and I want to see how my body deals with Spelt.  So I had a Spelt Pitta and I filled it with tomato, kale, spring onion, garlic, ginger, lime, sesame oil and a bit of Tamari Soya Sauce (wheat free soya sauce) They were absolutely delicious AND accompanied by Earl Grey and Oat milk made for a really filling lunch that seems to have given me enough energy to get me to now, its 16:45pm, without needing any snacks.  The photo doesn’t look like much but honestly Kale is one of the best greens to eat with salad.  Delicious and really good for you it has many health benefits including help with detoxification, lowering cholesterol and anti-inflammity properties.

I am off to do my first Yoga session tonight to help with my core stability which will be key for my endurance ride.  I have only EVER done yoga on the Wii so GOD knows what to expect this evening.  I am hoping that it will make me relax so much that I can slip into a coma after I have had my bath and a nice bowl of wild rice with chicken ginger and spinach.

One last thought……Sheeps yoghurt.  I bought it because I don’t do cows where possible and thought I would give it a go.  Save yourself the bother.  Don’t do it.  It tastes like you are eating dirty sheeps wool.


There might be some exciting bike news tomorrow.  VERY EXCITING bike news.

Oh GAWD, I forgot I had a dog.  Now walking for an hour before yoga.



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