My Team Mate

Last night I met and bought home my new team mate.  The Kovert FX2 which you can see here  I haven’t named him yet, actually thats not true.  I have named him BUT his name is personal to me and so therefore we are deciding on his stage name.  I shall let you know as soon as we have a suitable one.

Rod at Cycle Premier is a legend.  He helped secure the bike from Kovert and has set it up for me to start.  He also bought down some Exustar shoes in a fantastic design so that the fashionista in me is kept happy.

There is a small chance I scared the living hell out of Rod.  I told him about Norman.  For those of you that don’t know Norman then you should perhaps read this Your Inner Beast But after trying on shoes and adjusting saddles we decided to go and sit down for some dinner.

I knew when I first spoke to Rod that I wanted to work with him in any capacity and after chatting to him last night and discovering his story, where he came from and how he got to where he is now, I see that I have made the right decision.  I will be putting up lots of information about Rod, Cycle Premier and Kovert Racing on The Sponsors page which will be added later this week.

And so to lunch.  I made something so completely delicious today.  Wild Rice with mushrooms, kale, ginger, garlic and a splash of Lime juice and Tamari.  Tamari is great because I don’t like to use salt, although Sam at FoodSpa does occasionally use pink himalayan salt, Tamari helps bring out the flavor of food like soya sauce but it is wheat free.  Again it was Sam that introduced me to Wild (or Black) rice and I haven’t looked back since.  There is something satisfying about it because you actually have to work to chew it and it really does give you a completely clean feeling in your mouth.  Sam does and incredible recipe with wild salmon which you can find here and I really recommend

I am arranging to go and see FoodSpa hopefully next week to have my nutrition completely organised for the trip and will do a really interesting post on this.  I am really looking forward to it.  Sam Bourne is like a Guru of Goodness to me and along with Graeme Hardie will be essential in me completing this challenge and turning me into a bonafida athlete.

Rod gave me a sample pack of Beet It Stamina Shots.  Basically they are just concentrated Beetroot and Lemon Juice.  They are supposed to increase exercise efficiency and reduce O2 cost of exercise.  They taste amazing but Sam says she has a recipe which involves Beetroot and Ginger so I am going to give this ago.  I may need to buy a juicer.

I am off…….about to do my first session with my team mate.  OH GAWD.  Scared.  Excited.  Scexcited.

Nancy xx


3 thoughts on “My Team Mate

  1. Nancy's Dad says:

    advice on yoghurt – shy away from Goat stuff – it tends to follow you around for three days and you start to lose friends.

  2. MM_Powerboat says:

    Love the black rice & salmon recipe – gotta go find some Tamari sauce now.

    • You should be able to get it in any super market. I got mine from Waitrose. It’s amazing.

      Nigel……I’m scared of my new bike. I haven’t ridden it yet. Xx

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