A Hard Week. I’ve Been Touched.


Just a very very brief one to say HI!! I am in training.  All going good.

I have my last official HARD day at work today and then I am putting the cycle ahead of everything else for the next 16 ish weeks SO a big thank you to all my clients and club members for understanding the importance of this trip and what it means to me and the charity.  You are all wonderful…..mind you I work bloody hard and redic hours for you all and didn’t have a holiday last year because of one of you (yes…..you know who you are) SO I am sure you really all owe me a break any way.

I have had lots of advice from some amazing people including Sam Bourne and her husband Tim who is a fantastic cyclist and has been giving me advice on cycle shorts and pads and all things lycra.  He is also suggesting Spin classes. I saw a spin class once.  I vowed I would NEVER put myself through that kind of torture.  So I am going to take one for the charity and join a class next week.

There have been some very funny moments so far.  Including trying to convince a sponsor to part with their money by suggesting they pop up to Tedworth House to see the guys.  I was describing what an inspiring place it is and then used the line “I have been touched by all these guys” – I really think its important to point out that it is their stories and their strength and their courage that have touched me.  Not the actual guys themselves.  They are all complete gentlemen!!

This week I have been getting to grips with PTSD and trying to learn as much as I can about it.  I have had my world ROCKED by an amazing Veteran who is 27 and so incredibly inspiring.  He has opened my eyes to something I hadn’t really thought about.  What happens if you end your army career and can’t continue down the path you thought you would take and then decide you want to start a career in something like Business or Design.  Something that potentially has no connection to your career in the army? How hard must it be at that stage of your life to reeducate yourself and learn a new trade AND THEN how hard is it to convince companies to take you on over someone that has studied all throughout their twenties to do the same career?

One of my aims of this cycle is to raise awareness of the charity but now I have also been inspired to use my other contacts to help these guys restart their working lives in other ways. The chap I mentioned above is super smart.  Probably one of the smartest thinking men I have spoken to in a long time.  He would be an asset to any company and I whole heartedly believe he will make it.  But what he needs is a placement.  A company willing to give him a chance to shine and to sharpen his skills.  There are lots of guys like this coming out of the services and they really need us to get behind them.  If you have a company then I ask you to consider if you can help any of these guys? If you can assist in them rebuilding a career? If you want to do something but don’t know what or how you can help then please get in touch with myself or Mission Motorsport.  Even if it isn’t directly related to motorsport we can point you in the right direction.  We need you.  The guys need you.

One of my favourite moments of last week was seeing the videos of Gav and Alex training with Jon.  This is it boys!! the last few days before our first race of the season in Plymouth.  How exciting.

I will come back later today and put links to the Youtube videos of the boys in the powerboat and also give you some more details about the season ahead.

STILL LOOKING FOR SPONSORS GUYS!!! STILL NEED YOU TO GET INVOLVED. Have a look at THE LIST and see if you can help with anything


Nancy xxx


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