Starting Again

Any of you that follow me on twitter will know that I had a crash in the Gumpert Apollo at Goodwood which has left me unable to train in any real capacity.  If you haven’t seen the crash it is here….Gumpert Goodwood

As you can see I sustained some pretty severe whiplash and over the last few weeks this has caused me a lot of pain on turning.  Checking my blind spot became impossible and after two weeks I was informed by my doctor this was not going to be a quick recovery.

I have been quite depressed about it all really.  The hard work I had put in to the training seemed to be for nothing.  There was a couple of weeks where I thought I was going to have to cancel the cycle and return everyones kind donations and be very apologetic and humble.

However, I realised three weeks ago why I decided to do cycling in the first place and who the guys are that I am cycling for.  Sometimes through the charity you meet guys who seem to have given up. Those are the ones you have to reach out further for.  None of this was ever supposed to be easy and the crash may have made the cycle harder BUT I refuse to let it stop me.  So I have completely changed my cycling routine and I am now starting my training again.  Obviously I have the advantage of already being fitter than I was back in April but I have had to adapt to the issues my neck has thrown in to the mix.

Because I cannot check blind spots I am now doing a lot of cycle sessions on the turbo trainer.  Most of my daily training is now going to revolve around this static piece of equipment.  Its harder, its tougher but its serving its purpose.  Sufferfest is something I am looking into at the moment to make my training sessions more bearable.  I was contemplating shoving a treadmill by the bike so I could put the dog through his paces too but Mr T won’t allow it.  I am now doing a lot more prep in the gym.  Swimming really eases my neck and so I am getting 4 hour long sessions in a week and I am also starting weights and yoga again this week.  The yoga is vital for my core stability and also it helps to clear my mind.  What I love about Yoga is that at the time it doesn’t feel like too much of a work out but when its over my body still gets that lovely beaten up feeling.  In two weeks I am going to swap 2 hours of swimming for 2 hours on the rowing machine.  One thing I don’t want is to ruin my figure and I am concerned my arms are going to look tiny compared to my bum and thighs.

One thing I also struggled with when I first started the challenge was time.  Running Macchina has been very draining on my time along with the writing and trying to sort my TV career.  The transition to Miles running Macchina has been really good and he is now taking on all my commitments which means I only need to focus on this and my writing.  I also have a friend helping me out with the media now.  Which means all I have to do is write the pieces and focus on that instead of trying to arrange an outlet for them too.

I have made video diaries of the journey so far and want to start including these.  In many ways I feel like I am starting this journey again now.  It has got tougher because of the neck BUT it is not going to stop me.

I will decide in three weeks how I feel about taking on the challenge the first week of October but currently I am aiming to be doing this in November.

And I promise to give you frequent blogs now. Interesting ones.  I also promise not to go playing in any cars at Goodwood for at least the next few weeks.

Wish me luck xx



One thought on “Starting Again

  1. Richard says:

    Great stuff Nancy! We’re behind you all the way(even if it is just to get a sneaky peak at your arse…)

    Seriously, good luck and dont let anything stop you now…sufferfest is great but heed the name….it’s no picnic!

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