Well, that’s it now, its 2013 and I promised myself I would be physically capable of cycling 70 miles two days a week by the middle of Feb before really KICKING it up for the last month of training.

We are committed to dates now.  I am cycling in April.  Officially I will start at Knockhill on the 14th of April 2013 and will end at Goodwood on the 28th of April.

We are looking to do events at Croft – Oulten Park – Silverstone and Thruxton.

Mission Motorsport events hopefully at Croft TBC and a special day at Thruxton on the 27th of April where we would ask ALL of you to come and support us and see what we do.  Maybe MAYBE come out with some of our lads and if you are feeling really fit – do a victory lap of the circuit on ANYTHING with wheels powered purely by man – or woman.  These dates are still TBC but I will let you know as soon as we confirm.

Oulten Park and Silverstone will be about track days.  Just any of you that want to come down and do skids on the circuit.

Once I have sorted all these dates I will formally announce.  I will be at all of the circuits but up to Thruxton I am on an extremely tight schedule so may only be popping in for a bit OR may not arrive until later in the day.  But at each circuit we will have Mission Motorsport representatives and – of course – lots of shaky buckets in which you will be entirely encourage to make donations.  Ones of money – not, you know, the ‘other’ kind.

My first video diary goes up on Monday.  I know its been a long time coming but it was a pretty disastrous year for me in 2012 – as most of you know.  SO we are going to smash the crap out of it this year.  I am excited.  Not about you seeing me on the bike.  I am not excited about that.

Please get in touch if you think you can help out in anyway.  I need places to stay and also kit shifters.  I need people to talk to and I WOULD LOVE anyone who feels like they could do a leg with me on the routes.

Some local knowledge would be great when I put the stopping points up.

Right.  I am off to polish my helmet.



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