The List

THE LIST: The list will grow and shrink depending on you 


CLOTHING: Apparently I will be naked underneath my bib shorts SO I need a few of these.  Again I need either a brand to supply or I need sponsors who will be given space on my kit – the area on my behind will cost you the most but will surely be the best spot for advertising 😉 Again any companies that sponsor me will be given coverage via the media outlets and online with the blog and YouTube

Amount needed for clothing including shoes and helmet £600

I can give more details of the equip I need to buy to anyone wanting to sponsor.  I am going for mid range in price but good quality.  Given the intensity of the ride the main problem in quantity.  I will need 3 sets of bib shorts which I can then wash and alternate over the 14 days so that I don’t smell too hideous!

Also I need wet weather gear WHICH may not be needed but if I don’t have it then it will be needed – plus looking out the window this week I think it will be vital for training.

If anyone wants to sponsor my Chamois cream that just fine…..apparently I will need this for my ‘contact points’ which I have a feeling are lower level contact points.

TECH: I need to find the following tech to borrow or be donated

Heart Rate Monitor – I think Graeme suggests a Polar rs200 because its pretty simple and isn’t full of functions I will never need.

UPDATE: TWITTER has just pointed out that there is a Garmin Edge 800 that does all the heart rate and GPS mapping.  Its around £340 so I think I’d like to look into that.  Anyone know a company that may give us one for sponsorship?

Sat Nav – I need to research this and am desperate for any real advice.  I like TomTom in my car because it is simple etc.  But I need something specifically for cyclists and I need it to be easy to use because I get VERY frustrated with technology.  It needs a very good battery life OR at least a way of being charged whilst I cycle.  Can I power it like a hamster?  With the turns of my wheels?  Wait….No…..forget I said that.


Anything that can’t be donated I will buy myself but obviously where possible I would rather put all the money I can straight to Mission Motorsport.  I am going to auction off the tech I am given and anything else that may make money for the charity.  Even my sweaty shorts IF they will make anything – yuk

There will also be a plea after I start my training for help finding places to stay on the route.  I will need 14 stop overs across the country.

If you have any ideas at all or want to help in anyway then please feel free to contact me via email here



3 thoughts on “The List

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  2. Richard says:

    If you get yourself a Bryton Rider 50 or Garmin Edge 800 it will do the sat nav and hrm for you. The batteries will easily last a whole day. The Bryton currently retails at £199 and the Garmin £360.

    I use a Bryton rider and it’s good enough for me but you may want to havea look at both devices to decide which is the right one for you.

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